Advisory Panel

Board / Advisory Board:

Time Arrow has a Roundtable Advisory Board of Eight plus a Chair.


The Roundtable Advisory Board operates under the direction of the Director /Shareholders of the Non-Profit entity (“Time Arrow Innovation Hub”) to assist it achieve the Goals and Objectives. Wise Earth PL is the founding sponsor and corporate manger under contract for the NFP, to professionally implement all actions recommended by the Roundtable and to the satisfaction of the NFP Officers.



Carol Wallbank – Create Enterprises

Matthew Ford – Total Web Solutions

Jon Shaw – Shaw Studio


Wise Earth – Corporate Founder and Major Sponsor

The Key Functions:

  • Owner/Manger/Corporate Probity
  • Integration of Energy Technologies as exemplars of carbon reduction
  • Focus on the Built Environment and Application of all smart and renewable energy applications
  • Ensure Carbon Emissions reductions are a relentless
  • Covering all liabilities for all participants at the Hub and its activities
  • Underpin the initiative and process

Future Bayswater – Community Planning

The Key Functions:

  • Community Connection and Consultation
  • District governance and liaison with authorities
  • Introduce local content for planning scoping and infrastructure assessments
  • Introduce innovations that assist with youth advancement
  • Help establish a legacy for future generations
  • Help develop a operational template that can be applied in any region
  • Recommend participants for the Built Environment Innovation Network (BEIN)

Innovate Australia  – Events and Strategy

The Key Functions:

  • Provide a first port of call service for guidance of young and emerging innovators
  • Create a network through good ideas for the CEIH
  • Run events and workshops to promote action for Clean Energy technologies
  • Assist with advice to Government and an avenue for public connectivity
  • Foster the BEIN as well as the use of hydrogen and electric transport generally
  • Help make the Hub a friendly, respected institution that is accessible to all levels of society, industry and Government.



To build a community to help innovators create new solutions that will reduce the environmental impact of the built environment.


  • Collaboration
  • Authenticity
  • Respect for different perspectives
  • Progress
  • Respect for the Planet and Mother Nature
  • Practice enlightened self-interest ethics to deliver results at Commercial, Government and academic levels.
  • Practice decency in all actions

Goals & Objectives

  • Apply Innovation Theory to Maximum to deliver maximum success
  • Understand Climate Change and what needs to happen to restore a balance as a total system
  • Disseminate the realities discovered and the solutions possible
  • Work with the governments of the day to improve progress and apply appropriate policies
  • Take a total systems approach of engaging with Ecology-Natural-Systems, Socio-Economic-Cultural Aspects, Built Environment and associated technologies and energy systems, and the overall thermodynamic realities of Planet Earth.