Time Arrow offers business support services and amenities for manufacturing and commercialisation projects

We develop technology solutions for Clean Energy results up to 2050.

Run promotional, educational and Training events for the Built Environment industry as a way to reduce emissions.

Coordinate new skills training opportunities for youth by engagement with industries

Develop and refine sustainable design and planning methods to assist with better Local Government outcomes

Educate the public, architects, designers and builders to economically retrofit our existing buildings for energy efficiency and reduced emissions

Provide independent and confidential policy development advice to Federal, State authorities

Help review compliance systems to improve emissions outcomes.

Educate the youth as technological entrepreneurs and technicians to deliver new skills to industries and how to start up their own small business through a workable vision created with mentors

Collaborate with the CEIHs to form a practical network of coordinated action relevant for WA and also the nation

Develop Government endorsed programs that satisfy policy settings in the Nation as well as WA.


  • Re-skilling
  • Youth
  • Mentoring
  • Inventions and IP
  • Co Working Space
  • Clean Energy Systems & Controls
  • Business Advice
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Music Events
  • Community Hub
  • Marketing
  • Websites
  • Graphics
  • Finance and Capital support